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You can rely on us for the best quality and secure installation of our tents.

Western Event Rentals tents are installed by trained professionals with fast and efficient service. 

Choose our tents to create an intimate outdoor setting for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, family reunions and much more!

Our Tents:

10 x 10 White Framed Tent (100 square feet) - NEW!!!

20 x 20 White Framed Tent (400 square feet)

30 x 30 White Framed Tent (900 square feet)

40 x 40 White Framed Tent (1600 square feet)

40 x 60 White Framed Tent (2400 square feet)

40 x 100 White Framed Tent (4000 square feet)

Note: Our tents do join together for additional sizes

i.e 30 x 30 + 30 x 30 = 30 x 60 Tent 

Tables     Chairs     Flooring

We Carry: 

6FT Rectangular Tables

8FT Rectangular Tables

5FT Round Tables

Linens - BLACK - For all table sizes

Grey Folding Chairs

White Resin Folding Chairs

Oak Dance Floor + Subflooring + Edging

Lighting      Audio Systems

We Carry:

Chauvet Slimpar 56 LED Fixture

Chauvet Sparkle Drape LED

Chauvet Intimidator 250 Spot Light

Chauvet Obey3 Light controllor

Chauvet Obey4 Light controllor

Chauvet Obey8 Light controllor

Chauvet Obey10 Light controllor

Chauvet Obey70 Moving Light Controllor

Chauvet Hurricane Haze

10FT Draper Folding Screens

Projectors - 4000 Lumen + 4500 Lumen

Zilotek String Lights

- perfect for tent lighting or outdoor set-ups

JBL EON 610 Speakers w/stand Powered

JBL EON 612 Speakers w/stand Powered

JBL EON 615 Speakers w/stand Powered

JBL EON 518 Sub

Soundcraft EFX 8 Channel Mixer

AKG D5 Handheld Wired Microphone

AKG WMS Pro Wireless Handheld

AKG WMS Pro Wireless Handheld (Dual)

AKG WMS Pro Wireless Headset

Give us a call and ask us about our Audio Packages! We'll find the right fit for your event!

NEW! Staging - Matte Black Finish & Red Carpet

We Carry: 

Six staging pieces at a size of 4 x 8 each

Adjustable height and flexible arrangement in a matte black finish. 

Possible Set-Up Arrangements: 

4 x 8 setup, 8 x 8 setup, 4 x 12 setup, 8 x 16 setup, 12 x 16 set-up, 8 x 20 set-up

6 x 25 Red Carpet Rolls

6 x 50 Red Carpet Rolls

Pipe & Drape & Tradeshows

Pipe and drape is an effective free standing portable system that is used at many events to hang drapery without the hassle of attaching to walls.

Pipe and drape is a used to build trade show booths, backdrops, create temporary rooms or to set the right mood for weddings, graduations or any other special events.

Pipe and Drape Sizes:

Black and White

3FT High

8FT High

12FT High

Table Skirts & Linens

TO BOOK WITH US CALL:780-814-8320 or e-mail  

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